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Virgin to do UK mobile telly first (13 Jul 2006)
Virgin Mobile is on track to launch the UK's first true mobile broadcast TV service, a rebadged version of BT's Movio product, in the summer.

Website reveals mobile phone roaming rates (13 Jul 2006)
European mobile operators have launched a new web to give travellers an easy way to determine rates for mobile phone calls when they are abroad.

Xansa inks Ј22m mobile work deal for water agency (13 Jul 2006)
Northern Ireland Water Service (Niws) has extended its Ј70m IT contract with a Xansa-led consortium, adding a Ј22m mobile work management project.

Qualcomm CEO: PC industry should fear us (13 Jul 2006)
Paul Jacobs, CEO of chipmaker and 3G IP giant Qualcomm, has revealed he believes the mobile industry has little to fear from IT, despite the advent of disruptive technologies such as VoIP and WiMax.

O2 goes IT (13 Jul 2006)
O2 is coming over all IT company in an effort to woo more corporate customers.

Roaming bills to be slashed by 70 per cent (13 Jul 2006)
Mobile operators are to have their roaming prices capped by the European Commission - a move that could see roaming prices slashed by up to 70 per cent.

Vodafone says no to Ј30m Yes buy (13 Jul 2006)
Vodafone has denied it paid Ј30m to take over Manchester-based telecoms reseller Yes Telecom.

Cisco buys Meetinghouse for $43.7m (13 Jul 2006)
Cisco Systems is to buy Meetinghouse Data Communications for $43.7m in cash and stock in a bid to boost its wireless security products.

VoIP GateWay For Reseller (13 Jul 2006)
Call pstn & VoIP Broadband & Dial-up Gateway ATA

Google opens UK video store (13 Jul 2006)
And regional versions for other European countries

VoIP and Canadian Business (05 Jun 2006)
Having lived in Canada since birth it’s seems a bit weird that I have not worked more closely with some of the telcos and larger telecom vendors here. Although if you take a look at the market and how Canada usually trails behind the US and Europe in the implementation of new telecommunication technology it may not seem weird at all. Most of my business in previous projects came from the US and Europe, they are the first to jump on new technology. Strangely this country builds some of the best technology in SIP today. It’s true, Canada is slow to deploy but we can build it like there is no tomorrow. Well, I have found one company that is going to change all of that. Shift Networks is a company that is delivering on-demand IP communication services for business leading in Canada.

SMB VoIP is alive and well in Canada (05 Jun 2006)
Shift Announces Strong Revenue and Margin Growth in First Quarter 2006 CALGARY, May 30, 2006; Shift Networks Inc. (TSX-V:SHF, Shift, or the Company) a leading provider of hosted IP communications services for small to medium sized businesses today reported strong revenue growth in its first quarter, 2006 financial results.

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Alpha Telecom

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