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Helicomm ZigBee Platform

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Carlsbad-based Helicomm has released what it says is the broadest collection of development tools for the new ZigBee wireless standard. The company's new Zigbee-ready development tools support IEEE 802.15.4 IC and product design verification, an embedded networking development kit, and a 2.4Ghz embedded wireless module. The new tools are designed to accelerate product development for manufacturers and integrators of the new wireless standard. The Zigbee standard is a new low power, cost-effective wireless networking standard aimed at the control systems market.


Helicomm offers seven 8051-based IP-Link modules, providing the broadest selection of ZigBee-Compliant wireless networking solutions. Each IP-Link embedded module includes an IEEE802.15.4-compliant radio and MAC software, a Silicon Laboratories 8051 microcontroller, programmable I/O, flexible antenna and range solutions, and your choice of ZigBee-Compliant IP-Netâ„¢ networking software.

Module Documentation

Module Selection Guide
IP-Link Frequency MCU Flash/RAM PA         Buy
1220-2033 2.4GHz F121 128KB / 8KB No       
1221-2033 2.4GHz F133 64KB / 8KB No        
1220-2133 2.4GHz F121 128KB / 8KB Yes       
1221-2133 2.4GHz F133 64KB / 8KB Yes       
1222-2033* 2.4GHz F015 32KB / 2KB No 
1121-3033* 915MHz F133 64KB / 8KB No 
1122-3033* 915MHz F015 32KB / 2KB No 

* IP-Link 1222, 1121 and 1122 will be available soon

Development Kits

You can use our API specification and wireless network development kits to integrate IP-Link wireless communications modules into your products and to develop and configure wireless communications networks tailored to meet your unique requirements.

ZigBee NWK Demo

IEEE 802.15.4

Trans-parent Mode

Binary Mode

ZigBee API *

Module with PA


2.4GHz ZigBee Development Kit








Helicomm EZ-Net DevKit 1220 PA







EZ-Net DevKit 1220PA Documentation

*Only F121-based Modules (IP-Link 1220-2033 and IP-Link 1220-2133) are capable of supporting customer-developed application at this time. Please contact Helicomm on ZigBee API option for other modules.

Programming Tool

IP-Prog 0220 Flash Programmer is designed to download firmware for 8051-based IP-Link Modules in short time and at low cost. Its high-speed programming capability and easy-to-use feature makes it great supplemental tool for 8051-based modules and development kits.

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