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Zigbee / IEEE802.15.4

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Jennic has announced the availability of a new range of IEEE802.15.4 / ZigBee modules enabling rapid development of wireless sensor based products. The JN5121MOxxx range of modules, based on the company’s JN5121 single chip wireless microcontroller, is aimed at manufacturers needing to get sensor network products to market quickly without the expense and development effort involved in designing RF circuitry and test solutions. In addition, the new modules also provide a production proven reference design and manufacturing package for other module suppliers developing their own wireless sensor modules for the end-market.

The most significant benefits of the new JN5121MOxxx range are that it enables wireless systems to be realized with the minimum production BOM (bill-of-materials) costs; and that it minimizes the engineering time and money spent in RF circuit design and test development.

The modules provide developers with access to the full digital and analog IO capability of the JN5121 chip, including ADC, DAC, comparators, timers, UART, serial interfaces as well as GPIO. The JN5121MOxxx is more than just a bolt-on wireless interface – the comprehensive IO access ensures the module can be used without having to add additional circuitry to implement all of the functionality required in many low power wireless systems.

The JN5121MOxxx family includes versions with integrated ceramic antennas or with an SMA connector, both enabling ranges of up to 200m, in a surface mount form factor of just 18x30mm. There is also a version with an integrated power amplifier and low noise amplifier for extended range (over 1km) applications, measuring 18x40mm. Each module is supplied with IEEE802.15.4 MAC layer software, or with a ZigBee network stack.

Tony Lucido, VP marketing at Jennic commented, “Many of our customers need to concentrate their skills and resources to develop their core applications, not RF boards and test systems. Having easy access to a range of modules enables them to add IEEE802.15.4 / ZigBee wireless functionality to get to market quickly and in a cost effective manner with a minimum of engineering overhead. We can also enable customers who want to integrate the JN5121 chip onto their own boards by providing the module layout and test routines as a production proven reference design.”

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