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New Taiwan Hwa Yao Tek

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Hwa Yao Technologies Co., Ltd
was formed in 2001 and over the past years has grown to be the Taiwan's leading manufacturer and exporter of Wireless Antennas. We specialize in the design and manufacture of WirelessLAN Antennas, WirelessLAN antenna accessories include 802.11b/g and /802.11a also the WiMAX. All HwaYaoTek Products are designed to enable easy installation of factory fitted or aftermarket accessories.
HwaYaoTek manufactures all communication antennas
on site in Taiwan. Our manufacturing team offers unrivalled experience and expertise which enable Hwa Yao Tek to offer a wide range of both standard and specialized Products to our customers. We believe that the Product ion of high quality goods is synonymous with the Hwa Yao Tek name, which is why every Product manufactured by Hwa Yao Tek is tested before it is dispatched
Furthermore, we are experts in OEM/ODM projects
that meet every customer's particular marketing requirements. We have the fullest confidence and ability to make exactly what you need.
We put great energy into R&D staff training, invest precious vector
network analyzers and possess standard anechoic chamber.
Apart from accumulating practical experience, we encourage our staffs
to participate training course, to increase their professional knowledge
Our Professional Antenna Charnber and QC staff, along with our skilled subcontractors, always offer premium quality Products and deliver on time

Manufacturer of antennas, including
panel antenna, omni antenna, YAGI antenna, sector antenna, dome antenna, rubber antenna, dish antenna, antenna with outdoor seal box, wireless antenna, I.S.M, UMTS, GSM, 802.1., wireless LAN, outdoor antenna, hi gain antenna, lightning arrestor, cable, directional antenna, diople antenna, RF , etc.

1.Wireless LAN Antenna
2.4Ghz -- Antennas for 802.11b, 802.11g, WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot
flat panel ( patch panel), omni antennas, sector antennas, dome antennas, rubber antennas, , rubber antennas, ceiling antennas., grid ( parabolic), omnidirectional antenna
5.0Ghz --- 802.11a, ISM, UNII, WiFi, Mesh Networks
flat panel ( patch panel), omni antennas, grid ( parabolic)

2.Wireless LAN Accessory
adapter ( adaptor) cables, lightening arrestors, WLAN antenna assembly, antenna splitters, Out door AP Bridge
3.GPS antenna and GSM antenna.
Capabilities for Product ion
  10 sets of Automatic CNC machine
  10 sets of semi & auto assembly machines
  50 sets of fully automatic lathe machines
  6 pcs of assembly and Product ion line
Capabilities for R & D Engineering
  2 sets HP vector network analyzer (up to 8.5 GHz)
  6 engineers for Technology, R&D with knowledgeable skill and experience in fieldsSampling from a concept to prototype with 7-10 days
Capabilities for delivery on time
  We maintain a very large inventory of both finished and piece parts to serve our customer within 1 week delivery time and mass Product ion within 3-4 weeks delivery time
Capabilities for quality assurance
  5 staffers for quality management and control
  1 set Pull-Push scale and tread Gauge
  2 sets Pin Gauge
  1 set Puncture & Insulation Tester
  2 sets Vision Measuring System
  1 set Torque Tester
  1 set Depth-Measure Device

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