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The Google WiFi Saga / Creative Commons Spectrum (19 Feb 2007)
You remember the whole Google wi-fi ruckus and saga right? They were going to start in Mountain View and try it out, then they bid to do it in San Francisco and then the world was up in arms that they would take over the world with their black fiber powered wi-fi networks and we would all be tracked by our mac addresses and never ever ever to sleep safe in our beds because google will finally know everything and everyone and have adverts coming out of our collective web kazoo's.

The increase of online sales (19 Feb 2007)
In this article we will present some simple changes that can help you to increase your online sales.

Wi-Fi Transportation Service – Stay Connected On The Move (19 Feb 2007)
To begin an article on Wi-Fi Transportation service, I think one needs to know what Wi-Fi is all about. Wi-Fi is an acronym for ‘wireless fidelity'. It is defined as a `term for certain types of wireless local area networks (WLAN) that use specifications conforming to IEEE 802.11b.

How Broadband Changed The World (19 Feb 2007)
Let’s go back in a time capsule – back to 1993. Imagine if in 1993 if someone told you that world of communications was about to undergo a revolution so striking that it would change the nature of humanity forever. Imagine if they told you that within twenty years nearly every person on earth would have instant access to an ocean of human knowledge including audio, video and text that dwarf the size of any library. Imagine if they told you that people would be able to publish instantly to the entire world population, and that people would speak to each other with audio and video communications without concern of long distance charges. Imagine if they told you that you telephone companies would soon be optional, and that your cable company, satellite company and phone company would morph into competitors doing the same jobs with different technologies?

Understanding The Broadband Service In The 21st Century (19 Feb 2007)
If you are contemplating broadband service for your Internet connection, you may have a general idea as to what is involved in broadband service. However, with that said, you actually may understand very little about broadband Internet service. Generally speaking, a person is better able to make an appropriate determination about a product or service if that person has a basic understanding about a given product or service in advance. The same holds true for broadband Internet service in the 21st century.

Wi-fi mobiles flying high (26 Jan 2007)
Mobile phones with wi-fi are shaping up to be the hottest segment of the handset market.

Wasps get RFID-chipped (26 Jan 2007)
Scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) have put RFID chips on the wasps' backs to help track their movements and investigate their behaviour.

Smaller ISPs: The secret to our success (26 Jan 2007)
More than half the UK's niche ISPs think their tailored, more personal services give them an advantage over larger providers.

Apple iPhone 'not too smart' (26 Jan 2007)
The long awaited Apple iPhone can't be classified as a smart phone, according to analysts, as it isn't as open as rival devices created by the likes of Microsoft.

iPhone to "muddle the handset market" (26 Nov 2006)
Apple's much-rumoured iPhone could shake up the mobile handset market next year - if it is actually released. Reported by Apple iPhone

Wi-fi patent threat looms after US ruling (26 Nov 2006)
Oz government agency holds rights to wireless standards, says judge...

Vodafone: FMC and Voda-Berries coming soon (26 Nov 2006)
But is it champagne?

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