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Big Players 'Extremely Interested' In Boston Wi-Fi (17 Feb 2006)
Slow off the mark in developing any citywide Wi-Fi network, the City of Boston has received major boost in its Wi-Fi effort via a report from the non-profit Boston Foundation.

Motorola no longer has to be at leading edge (17 Feb 2006)
There was a time when Motorola was adamant it had to be first on the market with the technologically most advanced cell phones, but today Ron Garriques could not care less if Samsung beats him to it.

Companies starting to buy mobile security: Symantec (17 Feb 2006)
Corporations are starting to invest to mobile security software, but among consumers the takeup is still at least a year away, a senior official of U.S. security software firm Symantec (Nasdaq:SYMC - news) said on Thursday.

Study: WiMAX to Control Broadband Wireless (08 Feb 2006)
A new study from Senza Fili says WiMAX soon will dominate the fixed broadband wireless market, but its future in mobile isn't as clear.

New Wireless Option for Texans (07 Feb 2006)
A company by the name of Xanadoo is lauding plans for a series of pre-mobile Wimax deployments throughout Texas (Lubbock has launched, with Wichita Falls and Abilene on deck).

Verizon Eases Off EVDO Phone/Modem Restriction (07 Feb 2006)
Verizon Wireless broadband customers have been irritated for some time because using EVDO phones as modems was against their TOS (not to say it wasn't possible).

Santa Cruz Wi-Fi (07 Feb 2006)
The Santa Cruz Sentinel takes a look at that city's plan to join a California muni-wireless project that will cover 1,500 square miles of Silicon Valley with Wi-Fi.

Philly Signs Wi-Fi Deal With Earthlink (07 Feb 2006)
The city of Philadelphia has hammered out its ten year deal with Earthlink to provide wireless broadband to city residents.

3G Services Compared (07 Feb 2006)
PC World takes a look at the various flavors of third generation wireless broadband. They offer a breakdown of the speed and reliability of Verizon's EVDO service, and state it delivers - most of the time.

North Dakota Explores Balloon Wireless (07 Feb 2006)
In North Dakota, former Governor Ed Schafer is backing a plan to loft wireless network repeaters on balloons high above the state to fill gaps in cellular coverage.

TDS Metrocom Launches Commercial Broadband Wireless Services (06 Feb 2006)
Alvarion Ltd. announced that TDS Metrocom, a major U.S. competitive local exchange carrier and part of the Telephone and Data Systems family of telecommunications companies, has begun commercial rollout of wireless broadband services in its markets beginning with Madison, Wisconsin.

Wi-LAN Announces Exit of Equipment Business to Concentrate on Core Broadband Wireless Intellectual Property Business (06 Feb 2006)
Wi-LAN Inc. (TSX:WIN) announced today that it will continue actions to focus on building the value of its core broadband wireless intellectual property business, by exiting its equipment business in an orderly manner.

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