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Wireless Takes Stage on Capitol Hill (04 Feb 2006)
The wheels of the federal government turned for the wireless industry yesterday, as it moved to ease spectrum concerns while whipping up concern about wireless security.

Time Warner Telecom COO renegotiates pay (04 Feb 2006)
Less than a year after signing a three-year employment contract with Time Warner Telecom, Chief Operating Officer John Blount signed a new contract this week, giving him a base salary at least 47% higher than he earned a year ago as executive vice president of operations.

Is mesh for cable players? (04 Feb 2006)
Last October, Wi-Fi mesh vendor BelAir Networks announced that its radios would support the Cable Labs DOCSIS 2.0 standard, and also said Comcast Interactive Capital was investing in the company.

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Standard Finally Gets The Nod (03 Feb 2006)
The draft specification of the 802.11n standard for the new generation of Wi-Fi, which will provide speeds as as blazing as 600 Mb/s, finally won IEEE approval yesterday after more than a year of wrangling; although technically only a draft specification, with perhaps a year of work to final ratification, the rush to market began almost instantly, with both Broadcom and Marvell claiming to be first to market with products conforming to the new spec.

Two New GSM phones for Global Fixed Wireless Market (03 Feb 2006)
CSI Wireless Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless and GPS products used in more than 50 countries, today announced the introduction of two new fixed wireless telephones featuring GSM technology. CSI Wireless will formally launch both phones at the 3GSM World Congress from February 13 to 16 in Barcelona, Spain.

Tropos Talks Cable (03 Feb 2006)
Red Herring reports Tropos said it’s talking to cable firms about using their gear for outdoor Wi-Fi: It’s not a surprise. Comcast’s investment arm injected cash into BelAir a few weeks ago, which simultaneously announced cable-plant-powered mesh access points. Comcast has been one of the most vocal firms opposing municipal broadband, but most recently offered a year-out-of-date critique of the plans based on cities building the service themselves and funding it from taxpayer dollars.

Silicon Valley Gears Up Wireless Plans (03 Feb 2006)
When it comes to technology, Silicon Valley is loathe to take a back seat to its neighbor to the north, San Francisco. Last year the city of San Francisco announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi internet service; now its tech neighbor plans to do the same.

Cingular Takes Another Stab at iTunes Phone (03 Feb 2006)
After Cingular's first attempt to offer an iTunes-branded cell phone landed on deaf ears, can the wireless carrier's new SLVR handset strike the right chord with subscribers?

Smartphones Know Ups And Downs (03 Feb 2006)
Microsoft and Linux lead a smartphone market that grew more than 70 percent in 2005. But, according to In-Stat, tempering the good news is word that consumers aren't doing much with the phones once they pull them out of the box.

First WiMax products certified (03 Feb 2006)
Four vendors now have certified kit for sale, but has WiMax missed its chance? The WiMax Forum has awarded its first certification marks for products that use the 802.16-2004 wireless standard.

Router and VoIP bugs zapped by Cisco (03 Feb 2006)
DoS attacks and privilege escalation attacks have been foiled by the recent patches

400Mbps Wi-Fi standard back on track (03 Feb 2006)
The wireless industry has given draft approval for 802.11n, which promises much faster wireless connectivity

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