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Banks ignore tech at their peril (29 Sep 2006)
Banks could improve their customer service by embracing new technologies but are proving to be slow on the uptake, new research shows.

Vodafone unveils own-brand handset (29 Sep 2006)
Vodafone has joined the own-brand phone club, launching the first device to bear its name today.

Why DirecTV and Echostar's Possible WiMax Is Great For Competition (04 Sep 2006)
Competition is good - it lowers prices, spurs innovation, and keeps providers on their toes at all times. It's not longer that hard to change providers, whether it be cellular, paid-TV (name your flavor), or even home phone service (woo hoo, whoo hoo hoo...name that tune. The winner is, "Vonage"). This is truly an era of competition in the telcom world, and we're all connected at the hip to it.

Clearwire in a tizzy over 2.5 GHz spectrum re-use from community college (04 Sep 2006)
It goes like this: Clearwire signs lease with Peralta Community College last December to lease its 2.5GHz radio spectrum so that it can offer its wireless broadband Internet service. Then, all of a sudden, Peralta cancels contract without notice and Clearwire gets miffed -- and asks judge to block that action.

Call centres ramp up VoIP rollouts (23 Aug 2006)
Nearly half of contact centres in North America will use voice over IP (VoIP) systems by the end of next year, according to new research.

CIO Jury: Businesses use tech to beat travel blues (23 Aug 2006)
Businesses are trying to reduce the amount of travelling done by staff by making greater use of technology such as video-conferencing and collaboration tools.

Twenty-four million pay for VoIP (23 Aug 2006)
Twenty-four million people worldwide pay to use retail voice over IP (VoIP) services, new research has shown.

Thales gets claws into Ј50m Falcon deal (23 Aug 2006)
Thales has picked up a deal worth more than Ј50m to kit out the army's new IT system.

Mobile video to take off by 2009 (23 Aug 2006)
Though it still has hurdles to clear, video on mobile phones will earn operators billions, according to analyst house Infonetics.

dotMobi to auction top-drawer names (23 Aug 2006)
dotMobi, the company behind the newly launched mobile top level domain, has revealed more details on when enterprises and Joe Public can get their hands on a domain name.

Carphone and NTL facing private equity bids? (23 Aug 2006)
Private equity firms are rumoured to be circling both mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse and uber-ISP NTL.

Bandwidth boost for citywide wi-fi networks (23 Aug 2006)
Cities using gear from Tropos Networks to build their citywide networks could have more bandwidth capacity at their fingertips this autumn, as the company introduces its next-generation wireless gear.

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Alpha Telecom

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