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SIP Overview (05 Jun 2006)
The Snom phones sold by ProVu communications communicate using the SIP standard. The objective of this document is to explain briefly how it all works and to describe the components required to make a working system. SIP - Session Initiation Protocol -> Good way to do Voice over IP. SIP is a set of open standards managed by the IETF. Because of the open standards approach SIP devices are generally interoperable between different vendors. In a SIP based VoIP (voice over IP) system, most of the intelligence is in the phones rather than centrally in the PABX. This results in a much more scalable system. Installing additional phones only requires there to be a suitable network connection, apart from licensing issues, the system cannot become "full" unlike a PABX.

SOYO G668 VoIP Telephone (05 Jun 2006)
The Soyo-G668 IP phone is an advanced IP device, allowing its users to experience superb voice communications over IP network. It works as a standalone device (no PC is needed).

AT&T chief refuses to 'miss' VoIP (05 Jun 2006)
Ma Bell--under prior management in the 1990s--let the Internet revolution slip from its grasp, as companies like America Online, EarthLink and MSN grabbed the lead in providing Internet access.

Mobile Web Services: A New Agent-Based Framework (05 Jun 2006)
Mobile devices and server applications often run on different platforms, which can make integration problematic. Web services might offer a solution, but they typically include XML protocols that are too “heavy” for mobile devices. The authors’ proposed framework is designed to adapt Web services to mobile environments by using mobile agents to enable the development of high-performance Web service applications.

Firewall Traversal for VoIP and Video (05 Jun 2006)
One of the biggest issues in the world of VoIP and IP Videoconferencing today is Firewall Traversal. Yes, we can use open standards such as STUN, TURN and ICE along with SBCs (Session Border Controllers) to assist end points in their quest to traverse Firewalls. But is that enough? Nay I say.

XMPP for Instant Messaging (05 Jun 2006)
Is XMPP going to be the near term winner of the IM protocol battle? Comments from Robert Sparks - organizer of SIPit... "The general opinion still seems to be that XMPP is good for right now for medium sized solutions. When people start looking at large portals and interdomain, they start looking at SIMPLE. You have seen folks like Nokia making more noise about OMA, PoC, and related things? Those tout SIMPLE pretty strongly."

Wireless networking kit sales on the up (05 Jun 2006)
Sales of wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment are rising steadily as enterprises roll out campus-wide networks with business-class gear for both data and IP voice applications, new data from Infonetics Research shows.

VoIP Services A Better Bet Long Term (03 Apr 2006)
Recent research by Juniper Research suggests resellers could do well selling VoIP hardware in the short-term, but by the end of the decade, the ITSP business is going to be much larger.

New and unique VoIP Service Provider G3T are due to launch their ‘plug & go’ VoIP service ‘ePhone’ on a revolutionary network structure that goes beyond the traditional SIP and IAX2 networks. The e2e technology designed by the UK firm, reduces infrastructure costs by removing the need for Proxy Servers / SBC’s, and allows direct phone to phone calling via a single port. Calls are not hosted by the network.

Web Site Offers Public VoIP Internet Phone Service and Pays Sales Commissions to Customers (03 Apr 2006)
Simply stated, VoIP phones use the Internet for communication instead of traditional phone lines. Anyone with a high speed Internet connection can take advantage of the service. Any normal phone can be used, and the total monthly cost for the phone connection and long-distance charges can be anywhere from $10 to $29 a month for residential service.

DCITA moves toward IP telephony (03 Apr 2006)
Australia’s federal department governing the nation’s communications policy has decided to implement VoIP in its operations.

NTT DoCoMo flirts with mobile WiMax (03 Apr 2006)
The mobile operator has said it has applied for a licence from the Japanese ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to run a test WiMax network.

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