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Firewall Traversal for VoIP and Video

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Author: WildC@rd

One of the biggest issues in the world of VoIP and IP Videoconferencing today is Firewall Traversal. Yes, we can use open standards such as STUN, TURN and ICE along with SBCs (Session Border Controllers) to assist end points in their quest to traverse Firewalls. But is that enough? Nay I say. Intelligent Firewall Traversal for SIP and VoIP/Video media in particular is in short supply out there and the proof is in the pudding. Grab a SIP end point (there are many) and try making some calls over a few enterprise Firewalls (ie. Fortinet) and you will be sadly defeated. If you ask the industry network aficionados for an answer they will probably give you some long winded explanation including reference to Reverse UDP Mapping, PAT++ configurations and alike which is really not the answer we are all searching for. As a potential stakeholder in a large network I may not care about the methodology but do want to know that I have a solution that works! My questions would probably be more like, "What is the most efficient and effective Firewall Traversal solution, how much does it cost and when can I get it?" Firewall Traversal SDK As the Chief Operating Officer of now my second VoIP, Video and IM software company (this time it's endpoints and servers) it is my job to make sure we define the best possible solution for our customers. The best NAT/PAT/Firewall Traversal solution does not stop at simply implementing the open standards and using an SBC. No, we need that special sauce that solves more than the just most of the issues caused by Firewall Traversal, it solves them all. Am I dreaming here? I don't think so. As a matter of fact I believe in it so strongly that I have asked our engineering department at Eyeball to build a prototype of the world's best stand alone Firewall Traversal SDK. A part of this prototype building process I would like to hear what YOU want addressed in this Firewall Traversal SDK, send me an email with your thoughts and we will do our best to inlcude your ideas in this new project.
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Firewall Traversal for VoIP and Video
One of the biggest issues in the world of VoIP and IP Videoconferencing today is Firewall Traversal....

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