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Author: WildC@rd

New and unique VoIP Service Provider G3T are due to launch their ‘plug & go’ VoIP service ‘ePhone’ on a revolutionary network structure that goes beyond the traditional SIP and IAX2 networks. The e2e technology designed by the UK firm, reduces infrastructure costs by removing the need for Proxy Servers / SBC’s, and allows direct phone to phone calling via a single port. Calls are not hosted by the network. New providers need to offer more than cheap calls to survive this highly crowded industry, G3T will offer an even simpler way to make VoIP calls than new provider JaJah according to marketing director Lee Squire, ‘With JaJah, you need a computer on, visit a website, type in two numbers and wait to be connected, with our service, you just dial the number you wish to call’. Like JaJah, G3T service ‘ePhone’ targets the average person in the street, who perhaps is not 100% comfortable with technology, both services don’t require software, microphones or windows, fundamentally the difference between the two providers is G3T service does not require a PC and therefore continues the traditional and simple process of dialing a number on a phone. The ePhone from G3T is fully automated, and unlike equipment from other providers, does not require a time consuming installation process, leaving the consumer with one task, just plug the handset into the broadband router.
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