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Harrods makes a tech-savvy exhibition of itself (30 Apr 2008)
Scan-able barcodes convert into text promotions

Glasgow NHS keeps tabs on equipment with RFID (30 Apr 2008)
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has implemented a wireless networking project in the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) that involves tracking medical equipment with RFID tags.

Skype trialled on Java mobiles (30 Apr 2008)
Skype has released a test version of a client for Java-enabled mobile devices, a move which the company said is a significant step forward for its mobile strategy. However, at the same time, executives made it clear the software is preliminary and subject to significant limitations.

US plane security turns on batteries (09 Jan 2008)
New rules from the US Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) that took effect in the US on 1 January ban travellers from carrying loose lithium batteries in checked baggage. Passengers are allowed to pack two spare batteries in their carry-on bag, as long as they are in clear plastic bags.

2008: The year of mobile handset evolution? (09 Jan 2008)
With the glamorous promise of Google's Android and the glitz of Apple's iPhone, 2007 may seem like a hard year to beat in mobile terms - but 2008 looks set to be a battleground year for mobile handsets.

Mobile tickets for bus travel (09 Jan 2008)
One of the leading bus companies in the North of England, Go North East, has claimed to be the first in the UK to offer customers the ability to buy tickets using their mobile phones.

WiMax to go global by 2010 (09 Jan 2008)
An emerging long-range, high-speed wireless technology is expected to spread quickly and be available globally within two years, a key backer of the so-called WiMax technology said.

Five mobile trends to watch in 2008 (09 Jan 2008)
How is 2008 shaping up in the mobile and wireless world and which mobile and wireless technologies are you going to be hearing more about in the next 12 months? silicon.com picks the five key areas to watch…

O2 recruits an iPhone army (15 Nov 2007)
The lure of Apple's iPhone may be driving UK consumers into a frenzy of anticipation ahead of Friday's launch but they're not the only Brits looking forward to its arrival on these shores.

Wi-fi piggybackers 'fess up (15 Nov 2007)
More than half (54 per cent) of computer users admit to using someone else's wi-fi without permission, research reveals.

BAA's RFID trial prepares for takeoff (15 Nov 2007)
Airport operator BAA is preparing to kick off an RFID luggage-tracking trial at Heathrow. Back in the summer the track and trace pilot was slated for a September launch but although all the necessary equipment for the trial has been installed it has yet to be switched on, according to a BAA executive.

Airlines see passenger self-service take off (15 Nov 2007)
Airlines are embracing self-service check-in technology as passengers seek to avoid congested airport terminals. More than half of the airlines surveyed by air transport IT services company SITA now offer online check-in facilities while 89 per cent expect to offer the service within the next two years.

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