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What's next in telecommunications? (21 Mar 2006)
As the most influential executives in the telecommunications industry gather this week in Las Vegas for their annual powwow, they're more likely to be talking about TV than phones.

Vodafone sells Japanese arm (21 Mar 2006)
Vodafone has completed the sale of its Japanese arm to local Internet and telecommunications company Softbank in a deal that values the company at about $15.6 billion. In return for its 97 percent stake in Japan's third biggest operator, Vodafone KK, Vodafone will receive some $11.9 billion in cash, of which $10.5 billion will be distributed to shareholders.

BellSouth's WiMax offered as broadband backup (21 Mar 2006)
LAS VEGAS--BellSouth plans to offer a wireless broadband service that was introduced last year for disaster recovery. On Tuesday at the TelecomNext trade show here, the company will announce a 1.5-megabit-per-second wireless broadband service available for use as backup system should the customer's regular broadband connection fail. The service will cost $29.95 a month in addition to the client's regular broadband fee.

FCC lifts rules for Verizon broadband (21 Mar 2006)
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday freed Verizon Communications's lucrative business broadband data service from some regulations, in a decision critics said could hurt customers.

Yahoo! VoIP gets little buzz- on Yahoo! (21 Mar 2006)
Yahoo! Research and O'Reilly have been teaming up for awhile to produce a Buzz Game where "investors" "buy and sell" "shares" in companies, search terms, entertainers, what have you- based on how much buzz they think these entities will spur.

SIP Phone System (21 Mar 2006)
Save money by making free long distance calls Worldwide using the revolutionary, convenient and reliable SIP phone system. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communications system that saves you money by extending the functions of your existing office PBX to an unlimited number of extensions anywhere in the World. Simply dial an internal extension and you can speak with co-workers in remote locations anywhere in the World, completely free of charge.

VoIP: Are we there yet? (17 Mar 2006)
Anyone who's followed the emergence of IP services since the late 1990s has endured a steady diet of hype surrounding voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. The dream for VoIP enthusiasts has always been the retirement of the dinosaur-age public switched telephone network in favor of a more dynamic, connectionless network using the Internet Protocol.

Symantec Begins Wireless Security Initiative (17 Mar 2006)
Symantec and the Internet Education Foundation launched a consumer wireless education effort Tuesday initially aimed at the country's 56 million wireless Internet users. The first phase of the campaign will focus on issues related to wireless network and mobile security, including online educational modules for wireless home networking and public Wi-Fi use.

Alltel announces $455 million buyout of wireless partnerships in Carolinas (17 Mar 2006)
Alltel Corp. announced it purchased the remaining 50 percent interests in 10 partnerships with Palmetto MobileNet, L.P. that it did not already own. The partnerships cover about two million potential customers in North and South Carolina. Alltel did not disclose the value of the transaction, but CT Communications Inc. said Alltel paid $455 million in cash for the partnerships. CTC holds a 22.4 percent interest in Palmetto and said it will receive around $97 million from the sale.

Verizon Wireless on Spammers' Trail (17 Feb 2006)
In any language, unwanted telephone solicitation, or spam, is a crime, according to Verizon Wireless.

Report: U.S. Telecom Enjoys Wireless Lift (17 Feb 2006)
Increased wireless demand, network expansion and broadband Internet access was responsible for the $856.9 billion hike, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association.

Vodafone Adds Google Search (17 Feb 2006)
Mobile network operators are waking up to the power of big brands like Google -- and putting them on their decks.

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