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T-Mobile reveals UK 3.5G phone first (23 Aug 2006)
T-Mobile is claiming to be the first operator to get an HSDPA - that's 3.5G - phone out the door and into business users' hands.

Qualcomm buys Qualphone for $18m (23 Aug 2006)
Mobile chipset and IP giant Qualcomm has announced it is snapping up Qualphone for $18m to help boost its 3G efforts.

China to show Olympics on mobile telly (23 Aug 2006)
Despite the fact 3G licences are yet to be distributed in the country, China is reportedly preparing to launch mobile TV in time for the 2008 Olympics.

Nokia buys Loudeye digital music delivery platform (10 Aug 2006)
With Nokia releasing the N91 musicphone with a 4GB capacity, I've said a few times that Nokia will not be able to dent the iPod's marketshare unless it can create an ecosystem like the iPod/iTunes experience for customers. A gadget is not nearly enough, as many competitors have learned while trying to overthrow the iPod from its perch.

Rochester, New York students launch wireless network (10 Aug 2006)
A group of enterprising students in Rochester, New York will be launching a free wireless network that will be available in certain parts of the city by the end of this month.

Cellphone usage growing in Iraq (10 Aug 2006)
In war-torn Iraq, cellphones are becoming a primary means of communication between people. In fact, text messaging has become all the rage.

Cisco VPNs Open To Denial-Of-Service Attacks (27 Jul 2006)
A flaw in one of the protocols used by Cisco Systems' VPN 3000 Series concentrators could open up the devices to denial-of-service attacks.

Mixed success for European telecoms (27 Jul 2006)
Telefonica, France Telecom and BT Group, three of Europe's four largest fixed-line telecommunications companies by stock market value, on Thursday saw efforts to combat declining voice traffic with mixed success, with Telefonica and BT's profit climbing while France Telecom's net income dropped.

Alcatel profit falls 8% on slumping margins (27 Jul 2006)
Alcatel SA, the telecommunications-equipment provider that agreed to a $14 billion tie-up with Lucent Technologies in April, said Thursday that quarterly profit fell 8% as it struggled with deteriorating margins in its wireless-infrastructure business.

Intel cuts some processor prices by more than half (27 Jul 2006)
Intel Corp. slashed prices on some desktop PC microprocessors by more than half on Thursday, raising the stakes against rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), which cut prices earlier this week.

VeriSign Secures WiMax (27 Jul 2006)
VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN - message board), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, announced today that it has been selected by the WiMAX Forum™, the exclusive global organization dedicated to certifying the interoperability of wireless broadband access products based on global standards, to provide PKI-related services to all WiMAX Forum Certified™ solutions based on IEEE 802.16-2004 and ETSI HiperMAN 1.2.1. This partnership promotes industry-wide equipment compatibility and interoperability within the WiMAX Forum community by creating a single, trusted device authentication standard across broadband wireless networks.

France Telecom to reach cashflow targets (27 Jul 2006)
France Telecom SA on Thursday posted first-half revenue growth of 9.3 percent and said its ongoing cost-cutting plan meant it would reach its year-end cashflow targets.

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Intel cuts some processor prices by more than half
Intel Corp. slashed prices on some desktop PC microprocessors by more than half on Thursday, raising...

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