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Lenovo to launch Super 3G laptops (02 Feb 2006)
The wireless mobile data market is taking off, as Lenovo joins Dell in announcing that it will launch laptops with built-in support for 3G and HSDPA

Skype's market share halves (02 Feb 2006)
Skype has been overtaken by ISPs offering Internet telephony as part of a broadband package, a report claims

Microsoft merges corporate communications divisions (02 Feb 2006)
Email and IM are now managed under the same banner in Redmond

Cash injection for 24Mbps broadband (02 Feb 2006)
ADSL2+ services should be available soon in Birmingham, Manchester and more of London

Motorola boosts indoor mobile coverage (02 Feb 2006)
The telecoms hardware maker has come up with a potential solution to the problem of patchy 3G coverage within buildings

AT&T boss warns on bandwidth (02 Feb 2006)
The boss of AT&T yesterday warned content companies they might have to pay for access to broadband networks.

C&W CEO quits after profits warning (02 Feb 2006)
Despite all the efforts made to bring more competition to the UK telecoms sector, one of BT's main rivals is still struggling Cable & Wireless is facing an uncertain future after the resignation of its chief executive, a profits warning and a plunge in its share price.

Virgin Mobile takeover talks with NTL 'ongoing' (02 Feb 2006)
Virgin Mobile says discussions with cableco NTL about a possible Ј900m takeover are "ongoing" and it hopes to make further announcements about the tie-up "in due course". This brief update came as the cellco announced its latest set of figures for the three months to December. According to the bean counters, service revenues were up 20 per cent, the amount each punter spent (ARPU) hit Ј121, while the total number of active users increased 12 per cent to 4.3m.

Wanadoo's VoIP service falls over (02 Feb 2006)
Wanadoo, which claims to be the UK's largest VoIP outfit with more than 80,000 users, has apologised to punters after its broadband telephony service went on the blink. Its Wireless & Talk VoIP product went titsup on Tuesday morning resulting in calls from landlines or mobiles being unable to connect to Wanadoo's internet telephony service.

Orange roaming rates claim another victim (02 Feb 2006)
Roaming Rip-Offs: Another Orange customer has come home to a staggeringly large bill after downloading a small amount of mobile data abroad

THUS Group agrees to buy two other providers (02 Feb 2006)
The THUS Group, best known by most people under the Demon brand has agreed to buy two service providers, Legend Internet and Your Communications. The acquisitions are announced as part of a move by THUS to focus its business on becoming a nationwide alternative carrier for business customers. As part of this move, the Group is to sell off the Demon Netherlands operation which had a turnover of Ј20.4 million in the last financial year.

France Telecom in Fibre to the Home trials in France (02 Feb 2006)
Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is regarded as the pinnacle of broadband access for households, offering the possibility of bandwidth far in excess of what ADSL and ADSL2+ can achieve. British Telecom has had a trial running for a while (see our news archive for August 2005), but over the English Channel, France Telecom have announced plans to trial FTTH in several thousand Paris households. The pilot is expected to start in 2006, with coverage to other regions by 2007.

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