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Mobile broadband to scoop 500 million (26 Nov 2006)
But where's WiMax?

Clipcomm BS-T100V converts VoIP to your mobile via Bluetooth (25 Nov 2006)
With Skype and other assorted VoIP services getting more and more popular, you might be eyeing one of those new handsets we've been showing your for the last few months.

Netgear Skype WiFi Phone (21 Nov 2006)
One of the most dominant themes in technology recently has been the centrality of the computer. Reported by Wireless World

The 50 Most Influential People in VoIP (14 Nov 2006)
The world of VoIP changes as fast as it grows. This list represents the people, companies, and entities we believe will exert significant influence on IP Telephony in 2007.

Orange goes Bluephone with FMC launch (29 Sep 2006)
Orange has launched its own fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) service, allowing users of Orange broadband to make both mobile and VoIP calls using a single handset.

Sat-nav: A great deal at half the price... (29 Sep 2006)
The most desirable in-car technology for UK car-buyers is satellite navigation. That is until they find out how much it costs.

Mobile web domain up for grabs (.modi) (29 Sep 2006)
Registrations for the dot-mobi domain name open to the public on Tuesday. (.modi)

Nokia unveils revamped N-Series GPS phone (29 Sep 2006)
Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker, unveiled an all-in-one multimedia phone and a slimmer model targeting US consumers at an event to showcase its multimedia devices on Tuesday.

Virgin bundling completes NTL foursome (29 Sep 2006)
NTL is finally realising the convergence dream that inspired its Ј962m buy of Virgin Mobile, with the launch of its own quadruple-play product.

Intel puts Nokia's HSDPA inside (29 Sep 2006)
Intel's next-generation laptop will have an integrated 3G chip from Nokia and improved graphics support for Microsoft's Windows Vista, the company announced on Wednesday.

Saxby honoured in CNET Networks Awards extravaganza (29 Sep 2006)
Sir Robin Saxby, the man who led chip-designer ARM onto the world stage and, in 1998, the stock exchange was last night honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to the UK Technology Industry at the UK's top event recognising the best in tech.

Mobile lockdown coming to a phone near you (29 Sep 2006)
Mobile operators will be leading the push, according to analysts, with 2007 likely to become the year the mobile networks debut their own mobile device management (MDM) services. A report from Visiongain predicts that by 2009, operator and enterprise MDM will be worth $1.3bn - and will grow dramatically after that.

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