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Fixed-line decline hits France Telecom (27 Jul 2006)
France Telecom on Thursday reported a 30 per cent drop in first-half profit as earnings from its fixed-line business continued to be crimped by the migration of users toward internet-based telephony. The group, which owns the Orange mobile telephone network and the Wanadoo internet service, also revised its outlook for the year, saying it would not be able to reach its full-year sales growth targets of 2 per cent given the weaker-than-expected start to the year.

O2, Manx Telecom, Lucent Technologies and QUALCOMM Conducting 3G UMTS/HSDPA Field Trial Using 900 MHz Spectrum on the Isle of Man (27 Jul 2006)
O2, Manx Telecom (a wholly owned subsidiary of O2), Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU), and QUALCOMM (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced they are conducting a third-generation (3G) UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) field trial using 900 MHz spectrum on the Isle of Man. During the trial, which began yesterday, the companies can leverage this lower frequency to extend UMTS voice and HSDPA data coverage and are investigating and evaluating the potential benefits of deploying UMTS at 900 MHz as compared to 2100 MHz.

Fonality Announces Free Call Manager For Asterisk (27 Jul 2006)
HUDlite application makes it easier to manage real-time call control and presence applications.

New VoIP Phones Take On High-End PSTN and Cellular Features (27 Jul 2006)
D-Link, Zultys add features to attract marketing-, feature-conscious customers.

VoIP News Briefs: Rolls Royce, TerraSip, PeerMe, Taipei Wireless VoIP and Skype Summer Weekends (27 Jul 2006)
News roundup for the week of July 10th, 2006

Will VoIP Join the Telco Counterrevolution? (27 Jul 2006)
As telecom operators add their own VoIP services, they may block competitors' VoIP to protect their own.

Cable TV Phone Service Outperforming Telcos According To User Survey (27 Jul 2006)
J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey shows cable VoIP highest in customer satisfaction.

Asterisk Vulnerable To Denial Of Service Attacks (27 Jul 2006)
Internet Security Systems discovers vulnerability in Asterisk to DOS attacks.

Microsoft, Nortel Team Up On Unified Communications (27 Jul 2006)
Companies merge efforts to deliver combined hardware, software and services that will integrate with the next version of Microsoft Office.

Skype Reaches Even Further Out With WiFi Phones (27 Jul 2006)
New third party WiFi phones to integrate with Skype for free WiFi calling.

Is a fresh roaming row brewing in Brussels? (13 Jul 2006)
A row is brewing in the European Commission over plans to force mobile operators to slash their roaming charges, as discussions move into their political phase.

Ofcom streamlines business radio licences (13 Jul 2006)
Ofcom wants to streamline the licensing of private radio communications, cutting back on the regulation of 50,000 organisations in the UK.

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Alpha Telecom

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