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Fonality Announces Free Call Manager For Asterisk

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Author: WildC@rd

Fonality, the on-premise PBX vendor for small to medium-sized businesses that sells a turnkey and fully-supported Asterisk-powered system, has released HUDlite, a free application for Asterisk that provides businesses with an intuitive, real-time call control and presence management platform. Fonality developed this application specifically to make the Asterisk OPBX more user-friendly, and it is a powerful endorsement of both Asterisk and of development using the Open Source model. The application can be downloaded at www.hudlite.org, which also provides a user forum and full documentation. "HUDlite helps bring Asterisk to the masses, making it much easier to use and even more powerful," said Chris Lyman, Fonality's founder and CEO. "Fonality has benefited so much from the Asterisk movement. We are excited to finally give back." Fonality says that over 4000 copies of HUDlite have been downloaded already. HUDLite uses a straightforward desktop interface that runs on Windows XP, Mac or Linux desktops, and lets users of HUDlite see when other employees are on calls, to whom they are talking and whether calls are internal, external or in a queue-even if the employees are not in the office. Features of HUDlite include the ability to use drag-and-drop to initiate calls, the ability to manage and control calls on screen in real-time – parking calls or putting them in new queues; monitor calls and barge-in to transfer or move them; and instant access to call-recording start and stop. These features are all important call management features that can significantly improve performance in high-volume environments like a call center. In keeping with common Open Source practice, Fonality also sells HUDpro, a commercial version of HUD,which provides additional features, including advanced multi-hierarchical permission systems, enterprise-class secure instant messaging, mobile phone contact, Outlook integration, CRM integration with screen pops. That version comes pre-installed and configured by Fonality's support team. HUDpro, designed for Fonality's PBXtra, is $995 for an unlimited seat license that includes full support and configuration. community over the HUDLite application, which is probably the best call management, presence application (and other functionality) for the Asterisk platform.
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