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VoIP News Briefs: Rolls Royce, TerraSip, PeerMe, Taipei Wireless VoIP and Skype Summer Weekends

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Summer's here and so is a lot of hot news from all over the place. Rolls-Royce and Nortel First, Rolls-Royce, the leading luxury car maker, has placed a huge order for global VoIP services with Nortel . The deal, estimated to be worth US$20 million, is for a fully managed services system and the contract is for seven years. Initial rollout will be to 26,500 RR employees in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Norway, Germany and France. The deal involves providing comprehensive voice calling services, unified voice, fax and e-mail messaging, and a platform for introduction of advanced mobility services for communications. PeerMe VoIP company PeerMe has introduced an API that allows developers to very easily add ' PeerMe Voice Tags,' a form of click-to-call button to any website. PeerMe CEO Tom Lasater said, “As a demonstration of the mash up potential, we've built a social networking site (www.peerme.in ) which integrates our Voice Tags APIs to show developers just how easy it is to fully integrate the Voice Tags.” TerraSip New software from TerraSip is designed to enable users to use VoIP worldwide from Internet cafes. The program is intended for small businesses like Internet cafes to install and rapidly register their network as a 'Call Cafe ' with TerraSip. Visitors can then make VoIP calls from any of the workstations in the group, either by using softphones or by attached SIP phones. TerraSip charges usage costs, that can be passed on to users, but does also require a monthly minimum of 100 Euros. TerraSip claims an Internet Cafe can be set up for full VoIP usage using its system in as little as an hour. Taipei Builds City-wide Wireless VoIP Network Taking a huge step into the future, Taipei has announced what it is calling 'Taipei Easy Call', a wireless VoIP service based on its existing city-wide 'WiFly' WLAN network. The city, in conjunction with the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and seven service providers, all members of the local IP Phone Open Exchange (IPOX) alliance. Currently the seven providers already provide 200,000 people with VoIP service and it is expected that the new service will have the same number of wireless VoIP subscribers by the end of the year. Free(er) Summer weekends with Skype Skype already offers free calling to all phones, PSTN or not, within the US for the rest of the year. Now it is getting even more aggressive by offering free weekend calls in July to some international destinations. Specifically, SkypeOut from the US to the United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan is available for the weekends of July 15-16, July 22-23 and July 29-30, respectively. The free international SkypeOut calling offer to each country runs 48 hours from 12:01 a.m. EDT Saturdays through Sundays at midnight EDT, when international calling is at a peak. Note that the calls are free to one country for one weekend, not all three countries for all three weekends. According to a recent survey of its users, Skype says that 70% of users say the most important reasons they use Skype is to stay in touch with family and friends abroad, to make inexpensive calls to landlines and mobile phones, and for free calling to other Skype users anywhere in the world. In addition, nearly 25% use Skype to make 100% of their international calls.
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