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WiMax to go global by 2010

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Author: WildC@rd

Sprint Nextel, the number three wireless carrier in the US, said it is soft-launching its Xohm mobile internet service for employees in Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, ahead of a commercial WiMax launch later in 2008 in select US cities. Sprint Nextel has said it will spend $5bn by 2010 on a WiMax network using the new 802.16e standard. Smaller mobile carrier Clearwire is also planning a WiMax network. WiMax, which is expected to bring in higher revenues to the telecommunications sector, enables high-speed internet connections in the tens of megabits per second - far faster than the popular wi-fi, which allows users to connect to networks over short distances. WiMax can cover a stretch of as much as tens of kilometres, depending on the number of users. Eldar said in addition to the United States, mobile WiMax is close to being rolled out in some European and Asia-Pacific countries, including Russia and Japan.
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