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XMPP for Instant Messaging

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Author: WildC@rd

Is XMPP going to be the near term winner of the IM protocol battle? Comments from Robert Sparks - organizer of SIPit... "The general opinion still seems to be that XMPP is good for right now for medium sized solutions. When people start looking at large portals and interdomain, they start looking at SIMPLE. You have seen folks like Nokia making more noise about OMA, PoC, and related things? Those tout SIMPLE pretty strongly." I think Robert is correct and that XMPP has proven to be a worthy protocol for small and medium business but I also agree with Google's strategy on embracing SIP as well. I would imagine they are planning to use SIP for VOIP signalling in the early stages with SIMPLE and XCAP on the roadmap as the use of SIP for IM matures. It is quite likely that MSRP will also play a role in the deployment of SIMPLE. All in all it's looking like it might be a wise idea to support both XMPP and SIMPLE, at least on the softphone / soft client side of things.
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