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Web Site Offers Public VoIP Internet Phone Service and Pays Sales Commissions to Customers

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Author: WildC@rd

David M. Bresnahan says he is always looking for ways to make his dollars go farther, and now he has come up with a very innovative way to save himself and others quite a bit on phone services. "It seems like every time I turn on the TV I see another ad about Vonage, the broadband Internet VoIP service. A quick search of the Internet showed me that there are plenty of competitors, so I knew I should shop around for VoIP before buying," explained Bresnahan. Simply stated, VoIP phones use the Internet for communication instead of traditional phone lines. Anyone with a high speed Internet connection can take advantage of the service. Any normal phone can be used, and the total monthly cost for the phone connection and long-distance charges can be anywhere from $10 to $29 a month for residential service. According to published reports, the average consumer wants two things -- simplicity and price. No one wants to study a manual in order to set it up or use it. And the motivating factor to change from traditional phone to VoIP is savings. "I knew that I had to find a way to somehow save people even more than all the others marketers out there if I wanted to be able to compete, and suddenly it was obvious. Let people sign up as an independent marketing rep for free, then let them become their own first customer. Instead of paying a commission on the sale to someone else, that commission now goes directly to the consumer, which makes their total cost lower than any other method of making a purchase," explained Bresnahan. His web site at http://FreedomInternetPhoneService.com/voip.php provides complete information on a variety of VoIP plans along with a link to sign up for the business opportunity. "There is no cost whatsoever for someone to become a marketing rep. They receive a web site of their own to use for marketing many different communications services. They can then sign up for all the services that they normally use, and instead of paying someone else a commission that commission now goes to the consumer. They can also get their friends and family to do the same thing and get a referral commission," said Bresnahan. Of the many offerings on the site, Bresnahan says the Sun Rocket VoIP plan is the best seller. "They offer what people want. It is simple to sign up for a VoIP plan, and it is simple to install when it arrives. You just plug in the free wireless phone they send to you with no shipping charge or set-up fee like the other companies. You just pay for your first month at $24.95 and you are up and running with no added costs. People like that. "And they also like to get the current $60 bonus commission paid for each new account, plus the 6 to 12 percent monthly commission as well. There just is no better deal for the consumer when it comes to VoIP," said Bresnahan.
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