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SIP Phone System

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SIP Phone System

  • Free long distance calls Worldwide
  • Free interoffice communications Worldwide
  • Save tens of thousands per year
  • Free office moves, adds and changes
  • No reprogramming required " simply plug it into the nearest broadband connection
  • Convenient " just plug it in and go
  • Easy to use " no complicated software or hardware
  • Free up your space requirements
  • Free telephone lines
  • Free up your PBX capacity
  • Extend the life of your PBX indefinitely
  • Perfect for companies with multiple locations
  • Never pay another hotel phone bill again
  • Free conference calling capability
  • Reliable
  • Guaranteed to work anywhere in the World
  • Contact us now to locate an agent in your area.

Save money by making free long distance calls Worldwide using the revolutionary, convenient and reliable SIP phone system. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communications system that saves you money by extending the functions of your existing office PBX to an unlimited number of extensions anywhere in the World. Simply dial an internal extension and you can speak with co-workers in remote locations anywhere in the World, completely free of charge.

The reliable, convenient and easy to use SIP phone system even allows you to take your phone and number with you wherever you go. With SIP, your PBX extension or number goes with you, allowing you to call your office for free. SIP is guaranteed to work anywhere in the World. Never pay another hotel phone bill again. Simply use your SIP phone to make low cost long distance phone calls over the internet, or call other extensions anywhere in the World for free. SIP allows companies to save money by reducing the costs of travel. SIP does for telephones what the Internet did for the PC, giving the user full mobility and interconnection Worldwide with no cost.

SIP does not require any complicated software or hardware to work. Anyone that has ever used a normal phone will be able to use a SIP phone. It is reliable, convenient and incredibly easy to use, simply plug it into a broadband internet connection and start calling for free.

SIP phones communicate over the internet and as a result do not impact on the cost of telco trunking or telephone lines which incur a substantial monthly cost. Save money by dramatically cutting the cost of the high voice traffic individuals such as sales and marketing staff. Furthermore, since SIP phones will work with your existing PBX, you will save thousands by extending the life of your PBX indefinitely.

The convenient and easy to use SIP solution even provides the capability for users to transfer calls between SIP phones and regular phones on the PBX. This capability is extended to SIP phones regardless of where they are in the World which provides an opportunity for business to really exploit the remote working concept without the communications tradeoff, allowing companies to dramatically reduce costs.

Save money by giving your existing PBX new life, new capacity and new functionality. SIP phones provide your business with convenient, reliable and easy to use free long distance calls anywhere in the World.

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